Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

each strand of her hair is really insect eyes

gettin some sort of winged insect on my arm in a 2 weeks or so
still some decisions to make....



growing up really fucking sucks

i'm a motherfuckin' headliner, bitch you don't even know it!

it's been quite awhile! internet access is hard to come by these days which is perfectly fine with me, but i do miss blogginsmoggin sometimes.
i'm in york for a bit painting my dads boat, hoping to make rent by wednesday.
it got foggy and chilly.

went to the DMV yesterday to reinstate my license and left my entire backpack containing my laptop, cell phone, clothes and piece there. so . im in york until monday when they open. sillly me!

just finished reading 1984 the other day. real great one as most are aware.

also, this shit is real great. i would highly suggest the purchase of skeletal lamping on vinyl- not only because it's spectacular, but also because of this delightful poster enclosed:

i wake up with this stuck in my head every morning